Professional Certificate in Project Management (Fast-track)


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The Work Experience Programme

It takes two key steps to become world-class project management professional…


2 key steps to getting a PM Job = Practical Training + Work Experience!


Project Management College is pleased to introduce to you our new Work-experience programme which is designed for beginner and intermediate level learners with no or minimum experience. Skill is the ability to deliver whilst knowledge is information.


Project Management is a pragmatic skill and whilst our courses will give you the all essential knowledge on the workings and peculiarities of projects, the work-experience programme is the key to unleashing the knowledge gained on these course and acquiring PM skills.

Career Questions

1.     Have you done one or more project management courses and yet have not managed to get a job?

2.     Have you obtained one or more project management certifications and yet have not managed to get a job?


Career Advice

If Point 1 and or 2 applies to you, we recommend you take our Work-experience programme as employers are seeking project management professionals with experience!


The Work-experience programme promotes understanding and application of the knowledge gained which is key to becoming a true project management professional

‘Hands to the plough’

Getting ready to support the delivery of projects or manage the delivery of projects yourself is completing different from the theory covered in the classroom. To bring your classroom experience to life and get the job you are looking for, there is a need to ‘get your hands dirty’ by working on a project. This is exactly what our Work-experience programme offers.

What are the benefits of taking the Work experience programme?

·        Mentoring - Our work-experience programme offers real experience; you are assigned to a real project and expected to take on responsibility and deliver within your assigned scope under the careful mentoring of an experienced Project Manager. Click here to view the profiles of our Senior Lecturers.

·        Understanding Project Lifecycles - Very few professionals have the privilege of experiencing a project from the very start right through to completion. The Work-experience programme is based on a fresh project initiative described as a ‘Trigger’ which is defined, planned and implemented from scratch to completion. At the end of this experience, you will be skilled-up in PM methods and confident enough to either support the delivery of any project in any industry.

·        Developing skill and getting a reference Once you have completed 4 Saturday on the Work experience programme, you qualify to get a reference based on your performance on the project.

·        End-to-end understanding and the confidence to succeed - At the end of this experience you will have a complete practical understanding of how projects start, are tested for feasibility, the research and workshops involved in getting a project started, commencing implementation i.e. how project participants/teams work together to deliver a successful project, the paths and pitfalls. In addition to this, you will learn the methods and importance of formally ending a project i.e. the method of effectively closing a project, disbanding the team and passing on lessons learnt as intellectual capital for future projects.


Who is the work-experience programme suitable for?

Fresh graduates / No experience:-

Graduate employment can be quite fierce as the buzz phrase ‘experience required’ is a key requirement these days. Gone are the days of modern apprentices and graduate trainee opportunities are few and far between.


In order to break away from the catch-22 of being highly qualified but not getting ahead due having to no or limited experience, apply for our work-experience programme and get your CV noticed!


How do I go about enrolling? - Bagging experience

Our work-experience programme runs every Saturday which allows for flexible learning. You may choose to attend every Saturday, alternate Saturdays etc. to fit into your other commitments.

1.     To acquire one month experience, you will be required to attend a minimum of 3 Saturday’s over a one-month period.

2.     To acquire two months experience, you will be required to attend a minimum of 5 Saturdays over a two-month period.

3.     To acquire three months experience, you will be required to attend a minimum of 7 Saturdays over a three-month period.


What happens at the end of the Work-experience programme?

You will get a certificate of completion and a reference of course.


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Barbara O’Neil

Admissions Executive - Global