Over 24,000 Nigerians Alumni since 2007!

… and still counting as more Nigerians

are released into Industry as ‘Pragmatic Project Professionals’.




Project Management College UK, Nigeria Chapter is an arm of the specialist training institute in the UK dedicated to providing effective training at varying levels in the Project Management discipline. Our training programmes are suitable for novices requiring a substantial academic background as well as professionals seeking to start or develop their careers in Project Management.

The vision for Nigeria was conceived in 2001 and the college registered in 2003 which the first international student recruitment conducted in 2004.

The 1st Nigeria Learning centre was established January 2007 and is proud of the following successes • 24,000 gradates till date • A subscription of 150,000 members! • Training of the Nigeria’s 1st Lady and 36 Governors wives [November 2008] • 6 Learning centres nationwide.

On 6th May 2011, the UK-HQ took control of the Nigerian Chapter installing four regional controllers headed by Dr. Tochukwu Ukasonwa and supported by his team of Career Advisors, College Administrators and PM Consultants. Dr. Ukasonwa can be reached on 0704 067 2552.

Dr. T is supported by highly experienced Industry Project Management Practitioners: Uchenna Ugwuibe, Rasheed Adebayo and Sarah-Ayishetu.


Nigerian Call Centre Numbers are: 0704 067 2550, 2551, 2552, 2553, 2554 or 2555.

The A to Z seminar launched 29th January 2011 has a whopping total attendance of over over 21,000 till date.

A life transforming career seminar run nationwide; for more info, see www.pmcollege.co.uk/AtoZ

The British-Nigerian Executives of the Nigerian Chapter is determined to expedite Nigeria's development in every sector working with the Government to deliver a 1st-world Nigeria.

Apply today for.... The American Project Management Programme, British Executive Master's Certificate in Project Management or Advanced Diploma in Project Management

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